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What we love about Mexico City

Mexico City, apart from being the capital of our country, is one of the most populous cities in the world with more than 20 million inhabitants. Listed by the New York Times as "the metropolis that has it all," From archaeological remains, approach to the colonial past at some of its main avenues and its Historic downtown and buildings that have international awards for their architectural proposal, for theater lovers, plays of the Broadway category, and if you are into shopping, this city has the best boutiques in the world and gastronomy that does not compare with any other destination. Mexico City is ideal for getting lost among its streets or for encounters with the historical past; bars and restaurants, museums and spaces that have become a must for travelers and locals. Mexico City is very large and the best option to make the most of your visit is to take a city tour that allows you to move easily to the main sites of interest. Get ready to know a city that will surely leave you speechless!

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